Top 5 Accessories Your Teens Must Have for Their Used Cars

Used cars are ideal for teen drivers who are still learning how to navigate the roads safely. They offer lower insurance rates and are extremely affordable no matter your budget. After the automobile has been purchased, a young adult will want to add his or her own personal touches to make the car more unique. This can be done with a variety of accessories.

Wheel and Seat Covers

There is no shortage of wheel and seat covers on the market, and some companies will even customize them if requested. Teens can go with an ancient Aztec pattern if they have a love of history, or select a tie-dye pattern to reveal their creative side. There are animal prints for young drivers who have a favorite living creature, pink floral prints, and Mickey Mouse patterns for Disney fans.

Rear View Mirror Hangs

Most people think of a pair of fuzzy dice when they picture a rear view mirror, but there are plenty of other stylish pieces new drivers can order to spruce up their used cars. Dream catchers are colorful with their dangling feathers, while a monogram mirror hang personalizes the space with a person’s initials. How about a charm with a cute saying or an air freshener in the shape of a cartoon character?

Vent Clips

There’s a new kind of air freshener on the market that any teen can take advantage of to add a little character to their ride. They are called vent clips, and one can find them in the shape of characters (think Snoopy or Woodstock), in the shape of an animal (say, a bunny or a cat), or even shaped like a small replica of their favorite coffee drink. If your young driver is looking for functionality, they should consider vent clips that serve as cell phone holders.

Trash Bag

Teens are always on the go, often traveling between work, school, and home. That means that their used cars often serve as a home-on-the-road, collecting trash like fast food wrappers, gum, and empty bottles of hand sanitizer. If that sounds familiar, surprise them with a decorative trash bag that is made specifically for use in a vehicle. Cheetah prints, paisley patterns, and attractive butterflies are quite popular.

Decals and Bumper Stickers

Once the inside of the car has been made over, it’s time to move to the outside. Decals and bumper stickers are perfect for this, and there is no shortage of styles, sayings, and images to choose from.

Allowing teens to decorate their used cars is a great way to encourage healthy self-expression. Additional accessories to consider include monogram floor mats, license plate frames, and seat belt covers.

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Project D Wheels Are the Best for Drifting

Drifting is a common sport among most supercar owners. It isn’t the most practical sport to take part in as it replenishes your car parts. One car part that would seem to last the longest would be the wheels. Project D wheels are likely to stay intact as you are showing off your driving skills.

Drifting cars need to be light and are supposed to be rear wheel drive because of the hand brake turns that happen every time you take a corner or curve. This can be particularly dangerous and the wheel of the car has to be able to withstand the different forces that occur.

Project D wheels are known for their wide rims which support the size of the tyre. This means the depth is relatively deep and most sports cars or super cars are made to have this specific feature. It’s important to have a wide wheel because the speed you are going whilst drifting could likely flip your car over. The more surface area the wheel has, the safer you are.

Project D is also known to fit low profile tyres. This style is meant to be used whilst drifting because of the perfect fit it has, and the incredible lightweight material it’s been made from. At the same time as being lightweight, the material also has to be durable and strong without shattering inside the tyre or being moulded into a different shape.

Stability is the most important part when it comes to any form of racing and drifting is a more intense version as it needs the maximum amount of permanence. The one occurrence you should be terrified of is accidentally flipping the car because your wheels couldn’t handle the drift. The reason why this happens is because either you don’t have proper control of the car whilst you pull the handbrake or because you don’t have the right wheels or tyres. The two work hand in hand. One allows for the drifting to happen and the other keeps the tyre intact under such harsh pressure.

Besides being the perfect wheel for the race, Project D also has a beautiful appearance with many different faces to give your car the racing look. A racer wants to look like the status he has as well as maintain it.

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Curtainside Systems to Expand the Possibilities of a Semi-Trailer

Commercial vehicles, used in transport logistics, are usually represented by the combination of a tractor unit and a curtainside semi-trailer. Such transportation systems are popular due to the advantageous parameters of payload and volume capacities, resulting in simple cargo handling. Moreover, convenience is complemented by safety, as the fright is protected from nasty weather.

The majority of the benefits are provided by the peculiarities of curtainside semi-trailers. Its structure consists of a chassis (with the variants in axle configurations), a platform, a framework, and a reinforced waterproof fabric. The fabric, also known as ‘tent’, boasts the high level of durability. It is fastened to the framework by means of the locks. The use of fabric instead of panels on a semi-trailer significantly decreases the weight of a vehicle, as well as its price. Meanwhile, it boosts flexibility. After removing the curtains, the truck can be used as a dropside model or a flatbed one.

The customized configuration of a curtainside semi-trailer may include the front rigid wall, the mechanism that is intended to move the curtains at the sides, the rigid wall at the back with the doors and pull out steps, a collapsible roof that is aimed at loading/unloding by means of a crane, special cargo containment devices, interior lights and racking. Thus, the choice of a curtainsider should depend on the characteristics of the cargo that, in turn, will help to understand what technical features a semi-trailer has to possess.

There is a range of variable curtainside technologies that offer the precious versatility to transportation and logistics companies.

As for the side rails, the design of the upper curtain rail is crucial for smooth curtain operation. It should be strong enough to avoid deflection as much as possible when all roof supports are removed for loading. High-quality curtain rail systems make use of specially designed roof bows to provide a secure, no leak, sealing roof.

What concerns the roof-supporting devices, there are removable and non removable rolling posts. The latter stay attached to the post roller, mounted inside a track of the rail. Such arrangement ensures simple operation involving rolling the roof support to either end while loading or unloading. Since the rolling post never leaves the rail, it eliminates the chance of forgetting it at some customers dock.

The actual profits of transporting goods in a curtainsider lie in two major facts. Firstly, it is a great timesaver, as it can be loaded or unloaded from both sides. The process doesn’t depend on the availability of loading docks and can be accelerated by using lift trucks. Such productivity encourages just-in-time deliveries. Secondly, the curtains of a semi-trailer are perfectly suitable for custom artwork or digital printing to portray company’s messages. An advertising possibility of this kind has proved to be a wise investment.

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